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Get the latest cheats and enhancements for Stella Glow (EU) today with PowerSaves Prime! Stop Witch Hilda and the Harbingers from world destruction with the other 4 witches and the Regnant Knights.


Prime Content

*All codes and enhancements for this title will be included in this Prime subscription. Codes may be added after the initial release date but will be included in this Prime subscription. When the timer expires all codes are freely available to all PowerSaves users.


Please note that to use the Powersaves Prime release codes you must already have:

  • A purchased copy of the game
  • A Powersaves Pro ultimate cheat device

Customer Reviews

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by on April 19, 2016

The codes for this game are very good. Avoid the x6 item cards on Great Sea because the limit is 5 and if you have already cleared all the headwinds, you can't use Wind Waker cards and make the number the normal 5. Also don't use the max item cards on the rewards map, because that map has no cards. The weapon codes can be confusing. The code with 1-50 slots only affects the next weapons dropped. The codes for 5 weapons that you make only allow you to have 5 cheated weapons at a time, and are deleted if you make 5 more. Don't make a weapon you don't have unlocked yet.

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