NitroTag Monster Hunter Rise


Take your Amiibo characters to the next level with NitroTags! Bursting with enhancements for your Monster Hunter Rise characters, play your game like never before.


Tag you're it!

Boost your gameplay with a NitroTags! Give yourself the edge - each NitroTag is packed with game busting enhancements*

Simply place the NitroTag for your Amiibo character on your Switch controller or console and unleash the power instantly - now you're ready to play your Monster Hunter Rise characters like never before!

*Enhancements will vary based on each game and Amiibo character.


To use NitroTag you must have:

  • Monster Hunter Rise Game for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Official Amiibo Character(s)

What’s in the box?

  • x1 NitroTag with enhancements for Magnamalo
  • x1 NitroTag with enhancements for Palamute
  • x1 NitroTag with enhancements for Palico

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