Go Ninja


Go Ninja boasts Voice notifications, Wireless TWS Gaming EarBuds, Multi-Source Audio connection, Rugged combined Case Charger unit with all of the original Go-tcha features including 'auto-catch' mode for all your Pokéhunting adventures!


Introducing Go-Ninja. The next generation Auto - Catcher

Now Go-Ninja delivers a totally Hands-Free Auto-Catching solution for Pokémon Go.

Receive voice notification alerts through the Go-Ninja wireless earbuds.

Go-Ninja uses multi-source connection so you can listen to your music, favourite Podcast or take a call no problem! Go-Ninja will continue to catch Pokémon and collect PokéStop items and you never need to miss a notification.

You can even select what you want to auto-catch using the Touch Controls - it's easy to choose how you want to play!

Don't want to receive alerts? No problem! You can silence them leaving Go-Ninja to catch and collect as normal so you can come back and check your progress later. And because Go-Ninja has a 300mAh battery you'll be able to game for even longer!

Go-Ninja earbuds are designed for maximum comfort, their curved ergonomic in-ear design, means they are comfortable for long gaming sessions.


  • Totally hands-free Auto_catching
  • Catch the latest Gen Pokémon
  • Collect Pokéstop items like Pokéballs, berries and more
  • Over 40 Ai Generated in-game notifications
  • 300mAh Battery for longer gaming sessions
  • Charge via USB 'C' type cable supplied
  • Multi-Source Audio connection - Listen to your music and never miss Go-Ninja notifications
  • Wireless TWS Gaming EarBuds
  • Answer Calls - built-in Dual Mics.
  • Plus Many more cool features
  • Water resistant design
  • Designed for maximum comfort

Whats in the box?

Your Go-Ninja box includes:

  • x1 Combined Case and Charge Unit
  • x1 Wireless TWS Gaming EarBuds
  • x1 USB type 'C' Charger Cable

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