Go-tcha Evolve Pro+


Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ boasts a 1.7" toughened glass animated colour touch-screen in a rugged aluminium case with all of the original Go-tcha features including 'auto-catch' mode for all your Pokéhunting adventures!


Become A Pro Player!

Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ gives you colour animated alerts and vibration feedback when Pokémon and PokéStops are near, caught and when any items are collected on it's massive 1.7" toughened glass touch-screen with rugged aluminium case.

Select 'auto-catch' and you don't even need to respond - Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ will catch Pokémon and collect PokéStop items for you. You can even select what you want to auto-catch! Use either the full touch screen or digital rotary controls - it's easy to choose how you want to play!

Don't want alerts? No problem! You can silence them leaving Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ to catch and collect as normal so you can come back and check your progress later. And because Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ has a 200mAh battery you'll be able to game for longer!


  • Catch the latest Gen Pokémon
  • Collect Pokéstop items like Pokéballs, berries and more
  • 'Auto-catch' mode
  • 1.7 Inch Full-Control touch-screen
  • 200mAh Battery for longer gaming sessions
  • Animated graphics
  • Vibration feedback
  • Feed your 'Buddy Timer' Reminder
  • Fast Wireless Charging on Mag-Lock base
  • View your Catch Success Rate % for known and unknown Pokémon
  • Change Accuracy Settings to alter your catch success
  • Easy to change wristbands - widely available selection
  • Plus Many more cool features


  • Pokémon Go Mobile Game App
  • Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone.

Compatible with iOS 14 or later installed. Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver. 7.0 or higher installed.

Whats in the box?

Your Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ box will include:

  • x1 Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ Watch Unit
  • x1 Wristband
  • x1 Mag-loc USB Charger

User Guide

Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ User Guide

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