Racing Game Steering Wheel for Wii


Play driving games the way they should be played with Datel’s amazing Wii Racing Wheel. Unlike other steering wheel attachments, Datel's Racing Wheel includes an optional base to hold your wheel in a more realistic manner.


Drive time

Our Wii Racing Wheel houses your Wiimote (not included) in a sturdy plastic shell. At last, you can play your favourite racing games such as Mario Kart and Excite Truck using a realistically-shaped controller!

It’s easy to use too. Just snap in your Wiimote, and start your game. And because it uses the Wiimote in this way, it will work with any racing game!

Its built-in IR lens means there’s no need to remove the WiiMote for menu control either.

Drive like you mean it!

Unlike other steering wheels for the Wii, Wii Racing Wheel secures firmly to your desk or other flat surface using its SnapVac table lock. Or you can detach the wheel section from its stand and play without the mounting.

Wii Racing Wheel turns 'tilting' into steering - you feel like you’re actually driving! The device offers easy access to your Wiimote’s buttons, including the rear-facing ‘B’ trigger, so you never struggle to find your controls, and the stand section can be adjusted to find a driving position that’s comfortable to use.

* Wiimote not included.


  • Play Wii driving games as intended with a proper steering action.
  • Comfortable housing for Wii remote.
  • Easy access to Wiimote buttons.
  • Perfect for Mario Kart!
  • Use secured to the desk or free-standing.
  • Built-in IR lens for menus.
  • Robust design.

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