Evo Hub


Now you can use almost any controller, Keyboard & Mouse on your PS4. Just imagine super smooth control plus lightning fast response on all games including FPS classics. Evo Hub interprets inputs from any connected devices and translates them so they appear as a PS4 controller on your console. No external power is required – Evo Hub is Wifi enabled and 100% updatable.


Evo Hub interprets your gaming controller, keyboard or mouse as a PS4 controller in real-time. It’s intelligent RTI core automatically assesses the input from your device, no selection necessary.

Connect the Evo Hub via Wi-Fi and access PS4 game combination moves for Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X and more. Our enhancement features also allow you to customise your control device for a more personal game!


  • Real-time controller interpretation
  • For controllers, gaming mice and keyboards
  • Connect easily via Wi-Fi
  • Button remapping
  • Rapid Fire enhancer
  • Create your own move combinations
  • Includes Bluetooth adapter
  • Includes Micro SD Media Card

Game Busting profiles.

Evo Hub isn’t just about control – choose from hundreds of custom game profiles – specifically created, title by title to give you lightning fast, kick-ass moves! Create your own combos and shortcuts with the Evo Sequencer – complex and challenging key combinations are easy to create, then unleash the power with a single button press!


The RTI Core is where the power of EVO truly lies – delivering a one to one in-game feel from your Keyboard or Mouse requires an intelligent real time interpretation to ensure that none of the mouse precision is lost.


EVO CCI will create stunning effects at lightning speed. However, some game platforms are also looking out for players who appear to have super human reflexes. Staying under the Radar is easy with ECO’s Stealth mode!


Use the EVO Tuner interactive graphical interface to fine tune every element of your controller. No two controllers, keyboards or mice are the same and only with this level of control can you get the maximum from your device.

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