PowerBase for Pokémon


The ultimate cheat system for Pokémon Players - Access thousands of amazing cheats and saves for all your Pokémon games, including X & Y, Sapphire & Ruby, Alpha & Omega, Sun & Moon and more!


Unleash thousands of Pokémon enhancements!

Boosting your characters to the Max is easy - simply insert your game into the PowerBase and choose from the huge range of enhancements on offer.

Level-ups, items, Shiny Codes, Tools, Modifier codes, Experience codes, Points, Cash plus thousands more!

Now enjoy the enhancements made to your characters when you play.


All your Pokémon enhancements are included, even when you share them via Pokémon Home - so why not put them through the PowerBase BootCamp!


  • Action Replay PowerBase for Pokémon is a Wi-Fi enabled device with an easy to use interface controlled via your browser, smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • The user-friendly interface means transferring extra features can be done in seconds so you're ready to play your games like never before.
  • WiFi Wireless connection.
  • Compatible with 3DS and 3DS XL
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Wi-Fi mobile web app enabled


  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer with Wi-Fi Connection

Set-up Online

Set-up your PowerBase for Pokémon online using your PC or smartphone at:

PowerSaves Plus Pokémon

What’s in the box?

Your Action Replay PowerBase box will include:

  • x1 Action Replay PowerBase for Pokémon unit
  • x1 SD Media Card (pre-inserted)
  • x1 USB Charging Cable
  • Unique License Key

*Appearances may vary.

User Guide

PowerBase for Pokémon Manual

Customer Reviews

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by on September 23, 2020

It's awesome and well worth the money. I can have my favorite mons with me in Home and SW/SH :)

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