Powersaves is your gateway to amazing amiibo enhancements. Just imagine extra powers and more! Action Replay PowerSaves is packed with codes and power-ups for all the great amiibo characters.

Simply place your amiibo character on the PowerSaves platform and it is instantly recognized. Select from the hundreds of game-boosting profiles - select the 'BOOST' key and your character is ready to play like never before!

100% Secure - backup your amiibo saves - don't risk losing your valuable saves. Restore your save to your character in seconds.

But that is not all - not only are there loads of built-in codes for all the latest and greatest amiibo characters you can go online at any time and download the newest additions.

Simply connect the PowerSaves Portal to the USB port of your internet enabled PC and give yourself the edge!

PowerSaves for amiibo Software

The PowerSaves for amiibo software is a free downloadable PC application which allows the customization of the PowerSaves for amiibo portal.

PowerSaves for Amiibo Manual

Instructions of how to operate and get the most from your PowerSaves Amiibo product.

Manual (EN) Manual (DE) Manual (FR) Manual (IT) Manual (ES)

  • Before first use ALWAYS initialise/setup character with console (Wii U/ 3DS).
  • Vor erster Nutzung neue Figuren IMMER zuerst mit der Konsole (Wii U/ 3DS) Initialisieren
  • Avant la premiére utilisation veuillez TOUJOURS créer / initialiser le personnage avec la console ( Wii U / 3DS )
  • Prima del primo utilizzo, RICORDARSI SEMPRE di inizializzare il personaggio con la console ( Wii U / 3DS)
  • Antes del primer uso SIEMPRE inicializa/configura el personaje con la consola (Wii U/ 3DS)