The World Ends With You:

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As you may have noticed, an AR code to access the debug menu is available for this game. Here is the full explanation for this menu:

(K-2: Field Screen Menu):

When you Hold Select & Press Start to access the debug menu you will get to the field screen menu (as named by the title). The very first option on this menu allows you to jump to any map.

Then you get the following options:

NPC: amount of NPCs on screen.
Debug Window ON : Will not work until the (F-1) menu is used.
Mapjump ON : Access any map on any day.
Partner : Partner Modifier
Noise symbol : Amount of noise (sometimes overwritten by script)
Top Brand : Select Top Brand

Some options from the (K-2) menu will not activate until you load another area or until you access the (F-1) menu.
From the (K-2) menu, press either SELECT to go to the main debug menu, or A to go back to your game.

Debug Menu:

Here are the options from the debug menu.

(K-1): Restart Chapter
(K-2): Field Menu (as explained above)
(K-3): Image display Test (Not Working)
(K-4): Sound Test
(K-5): Event Select
(K-6): Movie Viewer
(K-7): Npc Message test
(K-8): Message Test (not working)

(F-1): Check Battle

Quite a few options in this menu. Once activated some will also work when you go back to your game save, like badge free (infinite use) or enemy modifiers.

(F-2): Continue Screen
(F-3): Tutorial

(B-3): Main Menu

(M-1): Sprite Test Menu
(M-2): Sprite Test Menu 2
(M-3): Check Battle. Same as F-1.
(M-4): Area Name Test
(M-5): Main Menu

(A-1): Crash

(T-1): Crash
(T-2): Phone Menu
(T-3) to (T-14): Access Various Game Menus

(S-3): WiFi Test ?

(F-1): Screen Test 1
(F-2): Screen Test 2 (Press A to scroll though & START to exit)
(F-3) to (F-13): Random Error Menu. Beware, F-3 & F-4 will ERASE your save.

(H-1): Noise Menu

(S-1): Ending

Be sure to grab the last XML codelist for this game, as we added a few codes such as 'Pins Always Evolve' (pretty useful if you don't fancy spending hours mingling).
I've also boosted the the All Pins Code so you get 99 pins of each instead of 9 (for quest items such as Dark Matter). You may also want to check out the XML codelist at, full of kickass Action Replay codes for the game.

About the Trainer Toolkit, some of the newer games require this enabler:
023FFE18 00000000
023FFE1c 00000000

If your game hangs at boot try uploading this code in the trainer.

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Just a heads up, codes for The World Ends With you are interchangeable without any modifications needed between both the European and USA region releases.

Also I hope you don't mind, but I have added some of the cheats on this fine site to a cheat database I maintain. If you like, I can add you to the credits for your code additions. :)
Comment By Narin At 31/05/2008 03:55
Cheers for the heads up dude. It's cool, that's what our subscription is for.

However please drop me a line via the code request form if there are any cool codes for this game we are missing and I'll update the official list with proper credits. :P
Comment By Fabrice At 31/05/2008 12:14
Well, in the cheat database I maintain, theres roughly over 100 codes for TWEWY from sites I scour for codes, people who made the codes and send me them and some I made myself.
These include stat modifiers, brave and sync modifiers for all the partners and such which I made myself. Feel free to use them if you like.
One of the formats I supply the cheats in is XML, which you should be familiar with. :)
Comment By Narin At 03/06/2008 02:43
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