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      Use Freeloader USA version to play imported games on your unmodified American Nintendo Wii. To use Freeloader you must be running Wii firmware 3.2 or lower.

      IMPORTANT! - Compatibility with Wii Firmware 3.3x and higher

      Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control Wii Freeloader is not compatible with Wii firmware 3.3 and higher (released as an online update 17/06/2008).

      You can continue to use Wii Freeloader perfectly with any Wii console running firmware 3.2 and below. Identify which firmware version you're running.

      You’ve read all about Wii FreeLoader here, so you know it lets you play ANY region of Wii game on your Wii, without modifying the hardware. But what if you imported your console from the USA? Can you now play local, PAL games on your NTSC console? Sure you can – simply order the American version of the software right here!

      NOTE:This version of Wii FreeLoader is only for use on American consoles. If you have a UK PAL console, you need to buy this version.


      • Easy to use.
      • No console modification required.
      • Play games never released in your region.
      • Play local games on your imported console.
      • 100% unofficial.

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      Excellent product, can play most Euro games in my US console. Pity abou the updated firmware. Also doesn't work with Mario Kart.
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