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Evo Fighter Radioactive

Our Evo Fighter Joysticks are made from high grade materials and because we know our customers deserve the best we only use Sanwa Joysticks and buttons. Our R&D team worked closely with our designers to create an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to allow for hours of game play, adding in hand rests and testing button spacing for maximum gaming efficiency.

Connect via Wi-Fi and fire up the EvoCCI web app to fully customise your Evo Fighter. Remap buttons and create your own combination macros with the EvoCCI app. And that’s not all! Adjust Rapid Fire settings, access Prime macros created by our in-house gamers, use your Smartphone as a secondary controller with pre-defined moves and more.


  • Sanwa joystick
  • Sanwa buttons
  • High grade acrylic material
  • Aluminium corner struts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Connects via Wi-Fi

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Evo Fighter Radioactive


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